M O R E  A B O U T  M E


I come from right here, in the Fox River Valley. I grew up in Neenah and graduated from UW-Oshkosh. I then moved to Minneapolis to start a career in high tech before heading to Boston to work at various internet start ups. More significantly, I was lucky enough to have had a couple of great kids along the way.

While Boston was full of opportunity, fast paced, and exciting, it was a long way from home. And I wanted my kids to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I also wanted them to be able to experience the same kinds of things I did as a kid, like camping at High Cliff State Park, eating at Franks and Cranky Pats, and going to the downtown Christmas parade. So we came back to Appleton in 2003, and while both of my kids have since graduated from the excellent Appleton public school system, gone of to college and careers, I've stayed, gotten married to the most lovely and supportive person you could ever imagine and moved to the East side of the river. And we're here to stay!


I've been a lot of things to many different people. Brother, son, father, husband, friend, neighbor, mentor, manager, coach, teammate, student, teacher, etc... I could tell you stories that capture the essence of what I've learned in these roles, spanning many years of successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, both large and small. But neither of us really have time for that, now do we?  Suffice it to say that we all have had various roles at different times in our lives, often times many at once! Hopefully we all have learned from them and become a better version of ourselves in the process. But the more relevant question your should be asking yourself is 'Who will Arnie Enz be for me if I vote for him?'


To that, my answer is one I mean very sincerely. I will be your representative and I will bring all of the skills I have learned in these roles to bear for you. I will advocate for you, but I will also challenge you when necessary. Not for the sake of my own ego, but for the sake of doing the right thing, for the sake of leaving it better than we found it, for the sake of  being kind. But at the same time, I will never forget that the power of the office doesn't belong to me, it belongs to all of the citizens that I hope to represent. 

Arnie Enz

For Appleton


District 4

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